Friday, April 13, 2012

Collection 2 Spring/ Summer 2012

African wax can be seen in the mainstream market from Burberry to H&M. these fashions have been worn by African and many African-american women for years but over the past few years this style has recently made an impact on worldwide fashion. Collection 2 was inspired by the needs of my customer. People requested color block styles along with adjustable outfits that had flair. I am currently taking orders for Collection 2, which will be ready for delivery before the end of May. Check out the sketchs and the fabric options for each.............

Wrap Dress Item #210

Available In Sizes 8-20

Style Inspiration Click Here

Price: $55.00

Available in 2 fabrics:

Fabric 6
Fabric 12
Item # 208 Color Block Dress (different material at the top and the bottom of the dress)

Available in Sizes 12-22

Style Inspiration Click Here

Price: $55.00

Available in 3 different options:

Fabric 9 mixed with Blue
Blue cotton
Fabric 6 mixed with Fabric 10
Fabric 10
Fabric 6 mixed with yellow cotton
yellow cotton
Item #209 Wrap Skirt

Style Inspiration Click here

Available in Sizes 10- 24

Price: $35.00

Available in color different fabrics:

Fabric 6
Fabric 9
Fabric 10
Item #211 Bubble like Dress

Available in Sizes 10-24

Style Inspiration Click Here

Price: $55.00

Available in 2 different Fabrics:

Fabric 10
Item # 212 Childrens Romper

Availabe in Sizes 8-16

Price: $30.00

Availabe in 3 different Fabrics:

Fabric 9
Fabric 11
Fabric 13

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Credits: Idara Umoren- Sketchs. Contact him via email